New Military Medals and Books Antique Centre in Bedford

A new Antique Centre specialising in military medals and books has opened in Bedford.

Published on: 13/12/19, 3:14 pm

The shop, dedicated to those interested in items of military memorabilia, has numerous specialised books for sale, as well as military medals.

The centre is also offering military research for those who want to know more about the person who was behind their medals. Cabinet spaces are available to be rented, so any person interested in selling objects will be able to have a space there to exhibit them.

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The person behind this project is Chris Murphy, a local businessman who has spent a great part of his life collecting medals and militaria, as well as researching the story of the people behind these antiques.

A veteran of the British Army himself, Chris Murphy has enjoyed collecting many interesting medals, books and military items for over 25 years, having grown a great collection, now partially on sale at this antique centre. The reason behind his great effort, is that this project is much more than an antique centre, it is a place run on a volunteer basis and set up to support the charity “Woody’s Lodge”, to where all profits after covering costs, will be donated.
“With years of personal military service and having built successful businesses in the UK and Europe, I can now devote my activities to support veterans across the UK”, Mr. Murphy stated.

Why Woody's Lodge

Paul “Woody” Woodland was a member of the Elite Special Boat Service, but in 2012 he lost his life on a training exercise, before he was due to return for a second tour of duty in Afghanistan. Named after him, Woody’s Lodge is a charity helping veterans with Housing, Benefits, Pensions and Finance, Agency and NHS Referrals, as well as with socialising and re-connecting with old friends and family. Currently, they have three sites in Wales and have recently been licenced to operate a farm near Cardigan, in Wales, for the benefit of its service users. This is now its third location in Wales; however, their plan is to expand throughout the UK in the coming years.

Based in Biddenham, Bedford, this new Military Medals and Books shop has been set up as a relaxed and cosy atmosphere, welcoming not only those who are interested in militaria, but also everyone interested in helping those who fought for our country. Profits will be donated to Woody’s Lodge to help them to continue with the magnificent work they are carrying out.

The shop, located in Bedford at 20 Deep Spinney, Biddenham (Bedford) MK40 4QH and it will be open Thursday to Saturday from 10.00 am to 16.00pm.

Visit for further information.

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