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Go outdoors for some 'berry' good fun this September!

Published on: 12/9/20, 6:17 pm


This month is a great time to forage for wild blackberries - a wonderful and timeless family activity, especially for children!

My two absolutely love hunting for blackberries. It’s an activity I remember doing with my parents and grandparents as a child. We take small buckets and gather the blackberries from hedges and woods on our walks. There are lots of great 'pick your own' farms in and around Bedfordshire too.

If you are foraging outdoors, make sure you stick to designated footpaths and teach your little ones that there are some berries we can eat and others that will make us poorly. Encourage them to show you all the berries they pick so you can tell them if they are safe to eat.


Don't forget to give the berries a good wash before enjoying eating them together and don't over pick - leave some for nature and for others too.

Why not make something tasty with them when you get home? Try throwing them in with your apple crumble or adding them to your yoghurt.

You could even introduce some taste safe sensory play. Let your children have fun squishing the blackberries onto some paper and seeing what patterns they can make. Or get them to mash them up and then use a paint brush to paint with.

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