Making a Real Difference: Would you make a good school governor?

In Bedford Borough we need governors with a rich diversity of experience and background to reflect the community they serve.

Published on: 22/2/19, 10:22 am

Individual perspectives and a variety of workplace skills will help to bring another view to the table. Different opinions lead to healthy discussion and ultimately bring about effective strategic decision making.

School governors work strategically with the Headteacher and senior leadership team to drive school performance, initiate change and plan for the future. The key to improving school performance is effective governance.

Governors help EVERY child achieve their full potential in life by ensuring EVERY child gets the best possible education and is nurtured in a safe environment.

To find out more or to register an interest please contact: Julia Newman, Governor Training & Development Co-ordinator - and 01234 718387. Alternatively, visit the Bedford Borough Website

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