Free Tulip Bulbs Giveaway

Bedford Borough Council has given away thousands of tulip bulbs to nearly 30 local charities, schools and community groups, for free.

Published on: 26/6/19, 3:05 pm


With the seasonal change of the Embankment planting going into the summer, the Council has given away the tulip bulbs from the spring planting.

Local groups were invited to request tulip bulbs, and lots got in touch with the Council including the Abbey Fields Roundabout Group, schools including Castle Newnham and Scott Primary, charities such as Bedford Open Door and Bedford Guild House, as well as local brownie groups and residents associations.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said, “It’s great that this free offer has been taken up so enthusiastically. I’m really pleased that by working with community groups and organisations, we are able to get these flowers replanted.”

The Council cannot reuse the tulip bulbs as this would require the flowers to be left in the ground for several weeks after flowering, which clearly wouldn’t be in keeping with Bedford’s Victorian Embankment.

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