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Bedfordshire Family History Society's members’ meetings were curtailed from the beginning of lockdown as they usually take place on school premises. 

Published on: 15/9/20, 3:56 pm


Recently they had their first Zoom members’ meeting with Jenny Mallin, a speaker whose talk was entitled “A Grandmother’s Legacy”. Jenny was an excellent speaker and illustrated her talk with many photos and pictures illustrating where the family lived and worked in India from 1732. The “Legacy” was a cookery book containing family recipes not only from Yorkshire but from her grandmother’s life in India and had been passed down through 5 generations.

Bedfordshire Family History Society intend to continue with speakers on Zoom for the foreseeable future as it adds to their members’ connection with the Society wherever they are in the world and will hopefully encourage younger historians to join the Society in order to access this facility. If agreeable to the speaker it is planned that the talks will remain on line for a limited time following the Zoom meeting. At the moment they are not able to give a date when their normal meetings will resume but will pass on the information to BedsLife readers when possible. In the meantime, why not join the Society and see what interesting facts can be learned about genealogy by logging onto their website and Members’ Portal?


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