Bedford Menopause Cafe

A Menopause Café, aimed at breaking down the taboo around menopause, increasing awareness of the impact of the peri menopause on those experiencing it, their family, friends and their colleagues, and reflecting on the ‘third stage of life’, will be held in Bedford this month!

Published on: 2/10/19, 6:43 pm


The Menopause Café is open to all, male and female participants of all ages, and will be held from 10-12 on Friday 11th October at Kings House Coffee shop, 245 Ampthill Road, Bedford MK42 9AZ

Following the World’s first Menopause Café, held in Perth, Scotland in 2017, a number of Menopause Cafes have been organised throughout the UK, including in some workplaces.  The world’s first  Menopause Festival was also held in Perth during Spring 2018, as was the first Menopause Café outside the UK, taking place in Toronto.

Rachel Weiss of Rowan Consultancy, who founded  Menopause Café commented, “The Menopause Café is aimed at women and men of all ages who would like to come along and talk about the menopause, to share their stories, experiences and questions, all made that little bit easier with tea and cake.

“Unfortunately, many women feel that they should just ‘get on with’ the Menopause, with some never talking to their friends of family about it, but the reality is that it affects all women eventually, not forgetting those who live and work with them. People can come along and just listen, or join in on the discussions, hopefully leaving with a clearer sense of the impact of the menopause on those who are experiencing it, alongside their families, friends and colleagues.”

Kirsty Wark, patron of the Menopause Café Charity, says “ I am delighted to have been asked to be a patron of this new charity which is dedicated to get everyone talking about the menopause. This is the way to a healthier happier future”.

The Bedford event is being organised by Cat Armor, known as The Hormone Fairy.

Cat said, “Being in my 40s I was surprised at how little people talk about the Menopause and how many women are unaware of the symptoms!  I’m seeing so many friends, as well as clients, struggling with mood swings and anxiety, and very few are linking it to their hormones or the perimenopause.  When I heard about the Menopause Café, I had to get involved, and get people talking openly, making friends and having fun!  With it being Menopause Awareness Month, October seemed like the perfect time to launch a Menopause Café in Bedford. 

Booking is recommended. For more information, please visit

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