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Community Life Editor, Teresa Brooks, was invited to experience the Vitamin C Signature Peel at the Skincare InsideOut clinic based in Riseley where they are passionate about healthy skincare.

What is a peel?

Peels work at a deep cellular level to help regenerate new skin through the exfoliation process, leaving it instantly, tightened, brightened, nourished, calm and healthy.

I tried the Vitamin C Peel, a revolutionary brightening and exfoliating peel which blends potent Vitamin C, camomile, green tea and fruit enzymes to boost dry and dehydrated skin It is
suitable for most skin types including sensitive, pregnant and rosacea prone skin. Containing Polypeptides to assist collagen renewal and with an Aloe Vera carrier base, it is very gentle compared
to many others so is a good ‘prep-peel’ for the skin, should you need stronger peels later on.

Th is is a medical grade treatment and whilst the experience is easy to tolerate and smells amazing, it is very powerful and the aftercare must be strictly followed.

Lifestyle, age and current skin condition and skincare regime all have an effect on how each person responds. My skin is fairly normal, I use a facial wash, cleanse, tone and moisturise daily with
the occasional scrub and use a good night cream. Using Image skincare products previously can certainly help the results.

The Treatment

  • The peel is fined timed procedure and lasts approx. 20-30 minutes.
  • Firstly, a strong cleanse and degreaser to break down the dead skin cells; here I can feel a slight tingling.
  • The peel itself (which smells amazing) is massaged firmly in
  • The clinical exfoliating scrub is applied and massaged in on top; felt tingling; a little like sunburn.
  • More peel is added followed by the enzyme mask and finally, it is all washed off.
  • The Vitamin C anti-ageing serum is applied along with an eye gel.
  • The peel itself was stimulating during the treatment but enjoyable. The aftercare pack is included and these are the only products that should be used for the next 5 days.

SIOLogoThe Results

Immediately after the treatment, my skin was clear and glowing with no redness. After 3 days, I experienced some dryness around my cheeks and under my eyes but not much flaking. I found that I needed some extra moisture around my eyes. After around 10-14 days, my skin was rehydrated and fresh and after 3 weeks, I was delighted to have smooth, soft and visibly refreshed skin. Fine lines appeared lighter and my make-up went on really well.

I am 100% happy with the results and I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone who wants to rejuvenate or refresh tired skin and reduce fine lines.
A full consultation is required before every treatment to assess if the peel is suitable and appropriate for your skin and where full pre and post treatment guidelines are discussed.

Skincare InsideOut

Church Lane, Riseley, Bedfordshire MK44 1ER

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