Bedfordshire Walker Wanders Around the Coast of Wales

Wander Around the Coast of WalesWhen Bedfordshire Walker Steve Plant set himself the enormous challenge of walking around the coast of Wales, to raise money for the MS Trust, he never imagined it would end up with a magnificent
and beautifully illustrated book. A Wander Around the Coast of Wales is almost 300 pages with well over 150 colour pictures of the stunning sights he encountered.

Although he was an experienced walker, 870 miles across rugged terrain was always going to be a tall order. As an inexperienced author, creating the book would be an even taller one.
“I guess most people reach a stage in their life when they think about undertaking a ‘big’ achievement and there are plenty of things anyone could choose to do,” says Steve. “The inspiration for my first significant challenge came quite simply from watching the TV one morning. There was just the briefest of mentions about the new Wales Coast Path opening later in the year that would give Wales the honour of being the first country in the world to have a continuous path around its entire coastline. That was enough for me.”

Rugged coastline, outstanding beaches, numerous historic buildings and a good dollop of folklore were just some of the fabulous attractions of the Wales Coast Path that inspired Steve on his trek and make for fascinating reading in A Wander Around the Coast of Wales. Add to that the warmth and friendliness of the Welsh people and both the journey and the book have became truly remarkable.
“When I originally researched the path and converted the 870 miles into steps (1.8 million) it just sounded daunting,” added Steve, “but a little over 60 days of walking and I had completed two of the larger items on my ‘bucket’ list. I had completed a major coastal path walk and been able to write what will probably be my one and only book.

I would really like to congratulate everyone who was involved in the creation of the Wales Coast Path. The attention to detail in ensuring that so much history could be combined with stunning scenery is a real pleasure to experience.

A Wander Around the Coast of Wales (paperback £10.99, ISBN 978-178035-761-4) is available to order directly from the publisher at or from any good bookshop or internet retailer.

For more information, pictures or interviews please contact Jodi Golds at Fast-Print Publishing on 01733 404828 or

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