It’s that time of year when summer holidays are memory, but the holiday excesses make themselves known!

My name is Ben Harvey, and I am the owner of New Leaf Physical Training, as well as the Studio Manager at Fitness First, Bedford. A common misconception of people in the fitness industry is that we don’t understand the battle people go through in order to lose or maintain a healthy weight. But if you look a little deeper, many of us have gone through our own physical battles.


ben harvey

When I was 17, I was 21 stone. I was lacking energy and motivation for anything. My diet was poor, and I did no exercise. I know that there are so many people who I now train regularly who are at the same point that I was, but had no idea how to start on their way to a new, energetic, happy and healthy version of themselves; other than asking for help.


To help anyone who is lost as to where to start, I offer you advice on the 2 major barriers myself and others came across:



How many times have we said, or heard others say ‘I must go on a diet!’ What is a diet? We psychologically link ‘diets’ with a short term fix. Something that we can invest ourselves in for a short period before we revert back to our old eating habits. Rather than ‘diet’, change your eating habits instead. Do it in stages. If you drink a lot of fizzy drinks – switch to a low sugar alternative. Then replace chocolate for fruit, and so on. Challenge yourself to make one change each week. It will be more manageable to maintain that way.



As a Trainer, I LOVE being active! However, making the change from a sedentary lifestyle to an active life is the biggest step I had to make. Becoming active does not mean spending all day sweating. At first, walk the dog twice a day rather than just once. Take the stairs rather than the lift. Get up to change the TV channel as opposed to using the remote. All these little changes will add up to making a big long term change. Coupled with a change in nutrition, you will feel and see the benefit all round over time. No quick fixes! Invest time in your body and wellbeing!


To discuss how you can benefit from a change in lifestyle, how to achieve it, or just want to be told how well you look by those close to you, you can visit my website – or call me on 07903 681879 for further details

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