June Recipe Huevos Rancheros – The perfect Vegetarian Brunch

The Mexican name for this dish is ‘Huevos rancheros’ A breakfast for champions!

Brought to you by Pavilion in the Park chef, Jonny,  this is a tasty little number indeed



1 flatbread
3 tbls olive oil
2 eggs
1 large onion (cut into 1cm squares)
1 clove of garlic chopped fine
2 red pepper (1cm squares for all peppers)
2 green peppers
2 yellow peppers
600g chopped tomatoes (tinned is fine for this recipe)
1tbls balsamic vinegar
45g Demerara sugar
Handful of chopped parsley
1/2 a mild chilli, de seeded
20g grated mature cheddar
Rocket (garnish)


1) Chop onion into chunks roughly 1cm square and sweat in a pan with the olive oil over a low heat until soft (but no colour on the onion).
2) Add the peppers (cut same size as the onion) and continue to sweat down until these go soft too.
3) Add in the chopped tomatoes, balsamic, garlic, chilli and Demerara and give everything a good s tir. Leave on a low heat to simmer gently for 30 mins, stirring occasionally.
4) Remove from heat and stir in chopped parsley.

To plate; warm flatbread, spoon peperonata mix onto flatbread, place fried eggs on top (cooked to your liking), sprinkle with cheese and garnish with rocket and chopped parsley.

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