Local Elections 2015

On May 7th, the 2015 elections will take place across Bedford Borough. Elections will be held for the UK Parliament and the Mayor of Bedford, along with elections for Borough Councillors and all 46 Parish Councils will also hold elections on the same day.

It is vital that that our community make sure they use their valuable vote. Community Life take a look at the candidates for our town.

Parliamentary Elections

A General Election is held once every 5 years on the first Thursday in May. All Members of Parliament are elected at the same time. The Bedford Borough area is divided into three parliamentary constituencies; Bedford, North East Bedfordshire and Mid Bedfordshire.

The Candidates


Richard Fuller – Conservative, Bedford Constituency

Born in Bedford, Richard was elected Member of Parliament for Bedford in 2010. His primary interests are entrepreneurship, education and public finances. Since being elected as MP, Richard established support for early stage businesses in Bedford and championed the setting up of the Bedford Free School.

Patrick Hall – Labour, Bedford Constituency

Patrick has lived in Bedford for nearly 40 years and in 1997 was elected Labour MP for Bedford & Kempston. He was then re-elected in 2001 and 2005. His interest majors on serving the people of the constituency. He was, and still is, a vocal campaigner on better transport links for Bedford.

Mahmud Henry Rogers – Liberal Democrats, Bedford Constituency

Mahmud Henry Rogers grew up and was educated in Bedford. From 2006 to 2009, he served as a Councillor for Goldington Ward. His focus includes education funding for the most disadvantaged and lift low earners out of paying tax altogether, supporting the vision to improve Bedford town centre and protecting front-line services.

Ben Foley – Green Party, Bedford and Kempston Constituency

Dr Ben Foley has lived in Bedford for 17 years, is a wheelchair user and campaigner for disabled people’s rights. He contests the Bedford and Kempston Constituency for a second time. His interest is in supporting his party vision for a living wage opposed to a minimum wage, keeping the NHS as a public service, increasing pensions and achieving good and equal schooling for all.

Charlie Smith – UK Independence Party UKIP, Bedford and Kempston Consitituency

Charlie spent his working life in the Bedford area. As a partner in a local family business, he went on to use his small business expertise in the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)
as Regional Chairman up until last year. Charlie supports the view for the country to once again be a self-governing democracy. His interests include keeping the NHS free at point of delivery, leaving the EU, welfare and child issues, employment and supporting small business.

Mayoral Elections

Bedford Borough Council is one of only 15 Councils in the country (outside of London) to have a Directly Elected Mayor who is responsible for the executive function of the Bedford Borough Council.

The Candidates


Dave Hodgson (current Mayor) – Liberal Democrat

Dave Hodgson has lived in Bedford for 30 years and was elected to Bedford Borough Council in 2002, representing Kingsbrook. Prior to becoming Mayor he campaigned successfully against Post Offi ce closures, to stop development on allotment sites and for investment in repairs to roads and paths. As Mayor, he campaigns for local residents on vital local service issues and continued the campaign to stop the giant incinerator planned for Rookery Pit near Stewartby.

Jas Parmar – Conservative

Jas Parmar has lived in Kempston since 1987 and is a local businessman as postmaster of Kempston Post Offi ce since 2000. A former police offi cer, Bedford Borough Councillor, Parliamentary and Police and Crime Commissioner candidate, his interests for Bedford include supporting the vulnerable, lowering the council tax, providing affordable housing and supporting rural communities. He also actively supports and fundraises for local and national charities.

Tim Douglas – Labour

Tim is an HR professional born in Swansea. Previously a councillor in Macclesfield, he is committed to a central aim of achieving social justice and fairness for all. Since putting down roots in Bedford Borough, Tim has been active in the local community and holds a strong vision on regeneration, wanting to offer Bedford and the villages the vision and energy to be ambitious and become a modern county town.

Steve Lowe – Independent

Steve Lowe is former editor of Bedfordshire on Sunday and stands as an independent candidate. He has lived in and around Bedford his whole life and been very active in the local community. He served as a county councillor from 1982-89, fi rst in Cauldwell / Kingsbrook, then Castle Ward. He wants to tackle priorities such as town centre regeneration, education, traffic and transport and housing. His vision is a more open and much more accountable and democratic council who listen to the views of the local residents.

Adrian Haynes – UKIP

Adrian Haynes currently works with the Salvation Army in Bedford. Born in Buckinghamshire, he moved to Bedford in 2013. Adrian has an aim for an honest and effective way to spend taxpayers money and would like to see the public more involved in local politics, believing the council should lead by example; and his would be to reduce his mayoral salary by 10% at least.

Borough Council Elections

Bedford Borough Council has 40 elected Borough Councillors each representing 1 of 27 wards within the Bedford Borough area. Electors vote for the candidates who are standing for the ward they are registered within.

Parish Council Elections

Parish Council elections are held every 4 years and coincide with both the Mayoral and Borough Council Elections. Parish Councils primarily comprise of the villages in the area but can also be large areas such as Brickhill or Kempston Town.

For more information and any questions, please contact the Electoral Registration Team
Electoral Registration, Room 317, Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford, MK42 9AP
T: 01234 276914
E: electoralservices@bedford.gov.uk
W: www.bedford.gov.uk/council_and_democracy/elections.aspx

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