Salt Therapy – what is it and what can it help with?

Salt Therapy- aka Halotherapy – is a powerful, natural treatment in a controlled air medium that simulates the natural salt cave microclimate to treat respiratory and skin conditions such as asthma, sinusitis, hay fever and allergies, COPD – bronchitis and emphysema, coughs, cystic fibrosis, eczema and psoriasis.



It is suitable for adults and children and many medical experts have championed its amazing effects – so it’s no faddy therapy, no matter how bizarre it sounds! We went along to Twinwoods at Thurleigh to sample a salt cave experience.

You can wear whatever you like in the cave as it’s the breathing in of the salt that has the effects but it’s advisable to be comfortable and to take jewellery off. Phones are deemed safe (but who wants their phone when they are trying to relax?!)

Be prepared for a super fashion faux pas with the protective hairnet and slip on foot covers required! Once we had finished laughing at ourselves we were ready to enter the cave…


So the cave itself is quite big – loungers and bean bags to accommodate around 12-15 people. The cave is shaped and styled as expected (cave like!) and is covered with salt all round floors, sides and ceiling. The lights dim and there are different coloured soft lights to choose for the periphery.

There are books to read and blankets to keep cosy. A TV is on the wall with independent headphones so if you want to have something visual to relax you can view that, or take your phone in with headphones (deemed safe but will have a light covering of salt, at your own risk). There’s no music in the cave so you can make it your own experience and be more meditative or just enjoy a quiet bit of you time. No chatting allowed though!

The timings are an hour each and once the session starts, the flow of the salt builds up gradually. As it starts to fill the cave in the air, you can taste it a little and with some it may make you cause you to become slightly blocked or have a runny nose – as it starts to clear the airways.

It isn’t very strong and for children they probably wouldn’t even notice it as in the family cave there are books and toys and things to busy them with.


So all you need to do is relax! It would be really easy to have a snooze too and it’s strangely relaxing which we put down to the quiet. Makes you realise how much noise there is around us… so it has a twofold effect of being a really easy place to relax in be plus experience the beneficial effects.

We found the experience quite fascinating and although an hour may sound a long time to sit in a cave breathing salt air, it actually didn’t feel that long at all! It isn’t too intense and later on, my skin felt very smooth too. It was relaxing also and a good place to unwind. We would recommend this for a one off experience if just for a general health benefit but more effect can be realised in a course especially if there is a particular issue to address.


A one hour session will cost you £35 and you can buy in block sessions from 5 up to 20.

The Salt Cave provides 100% natural, effective, risk-free Salt Therapy treatments. The healing micro-climate of a natural salt cave is reproduced by the most advanced device called Breeze Tronic Pro. 


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