How many glasses of water do you drink a day?

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Here, she explains the importance of drinking enough water.

It’s the biggest part of anyone’s lifestyle, what you drink. If you are honest with yourself on average how many glasses of water do you drink a day? If I was to tell you the minimum amount of water that should pass your lips EVERYDAY is 2 litres, which equals roughly 7 glasses, the question is… are you drinking enough? 

So why is water so important in our daily lifestyles? Well, if we do not consume enough water our body is dehydrated and when our body is dehydrated a number of things can happen:

  • Lack of concentration, motivation and energy 
  • Fatigue, muscle soreness and low energy levels 
  • Store of water in the body can make you look bloated and hold water weight

The first point I want to highlight is that none of the above symptoms are good for your overall health, let alone if you are participating in regular exercise. The one point I want to speak about is “water weight”. Our bodies are made up of roughly 70% water and this is all in natural forms, so when you dehydrate your body it naturally goes into shock and will store any water it has left in pockets which end up making you bloated. So the moral of this is the more water you drink the better your body will look and feel!

When you are thirsty you are past the point of dehydration so ensure you constantly top up your water levels. 

A few tips can be to leave a water bottle on your desk at work, have a competition with a friend or partner through the day to see who can drink the most and put fresh fruit and ice in a bottle over night to have summer tasting water all day long. 

Water can help with the health of your skin, help with better digestion, maintain consistent  weight loss and ensure you are energized and in a healthy and happy mindset! 

So make that choice of drink next time… WATER!

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