Get Summer Ready in 3 Easy Steps

Summer is upon us! Time has run out for you to slim down and fit back into your bikini and trunks so it’s time to get Summer Ready!

The backlash from the Protein World, ‘are your bikini body ready?’ campaigns has got me thinking. We do not need to be a certain size to enjoy the summer and celebrate our bodies but it is nice to have some pampering and feel confident about yourself. 


Here are 3 top summer packages to make your body confident this holiday;

  1. Wrap it up


Left it to the last minute to shape up? Don’t worry you can know book a course of body wraps cheaper and a lot easier than any gym membership that can help you lose inches from anywhere!


The detox body wraps from ‘It Works’ are my favourite, they offer quick and easy inch lose and a great way to kick start your summer. You can feel fabulous in less than an hour and they work on the tummy, arms, legs, and even face! To tighten loose areas of skin.

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  1. Hot tub heaven

hot tub

You may not be venturing aboard this year, but the weather man predicts that this summer will be warmer than average in the UK so make the most of being at home with a hot tub! I know what you are thinking, hot tubs cost a small fortune! But not if you hire one… For just £10 per person you can have a hot tub for a week! Set up and dismantle included and enjoy your own spa experience in your back garden.

Add some bird song and some games and you can make your very own big brother set!


For more information contact Athena Mobile Beauty @AthenaMBeauty



  1. Safe in the Sun

spray tan athena

We cannot guarantee the weather in the UK, a hotter than average summer does not always means a sunshine filled glorious sunbathing frenzy.


In the UK rates of Skin Cancer have risen faster than any of the top most common cancers in both men and women since the 1970’s. The big message is to take care of your skin in the sun not just for health reasons but also to preserve your looks. Sun damages and ages the skin rapidly.


If you do not want to miss out on the summer tan than the best option is a spray tan. Gone are the days when home tanning made you a shade of orange. Tans are now advanced and long lasting. Athena Mobile Beauty offer Sienna, a leading brand, spray tans along with hot tub rentals! The whole package!


For more information contact Athena Mobile Beauty @AthenaMBeauty



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