The Green Light Community Food Workshops CIC

ccgGreen Light, a Community Interest Company, has been set up to improve the well-being of target groups within the community; local teenagers, the elderly, young mums and vulnerable adults. Using interactive educational workshops we aim to empower individuals and families by introducing them to healthy affordable food choices, meal planning, budgeting, reducing waste and the importance of food hygiene.

GreenLight workshop 1

With support from Kempston East Methodist Church and Project 229, we hosted the first of a programme of 4 food workshops for Grace Community Churches’ Net Group, which supports ladies experiencing isolation locally.


Through bespoke workshops tailored to the needs and wants of the specific community group participants who will learn to make informed decisions about their dietary and nutritional needs and living choices for a positive healthy lifestyle.

The workshops are practical and interactive including demos, discussion time and have-a -go sessions in order to engage the participants and each session includes time for the group to enjoy the meal they’ve prepared to encourage the social aspect of meal times.

We’d like to thank Kempston East who kindly funded this programme with support from Project 229.  There is a lot of interest from other groups who would like to deliver our workshops and we’re currently seeking funding for this.


If you know of groups who could benefit from these workshops or potential sources of funding we’d love to hear from you.

Please contact Randolph or Larissa at or call 07800 899858.




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