A spot of lunch at The Pavilion

With the glorious sunshine shining, I ventured  for a spot of lunch at The Pavilion at Bedford Park


The café which is open daily until 5pm offers both light bites, lunches and snacks from The Window.

As you enter you can see the arrangement of handmade cakes and specials board from which I choose my main meal; a goat’s cheese, fruit and nut salad.




The Pavilion which opened this year is a chic café, with the joys of the countryside and a vintage feel. The mismatched chairs, reclaimed wooden tables and local art on the walls give the café a certain charm which is matched by its wonderful food.




A simplified children’s menu was supplied along with books and toys to keep the young ones occupied while the dog can sit on the heated veranda and a drinking bowl is, of course, available too!

As well as the salad, the menu included delicious local sausages from Lingers butchers with homemade onion jam, chef’s homemade soup and mini muffin pizzas for the smaller mouths to feed.




My companion choose the chicken and tarragon wrapped with side salad. Portions are generous without being wasteful and food is served with a minimal waiting period although you feel like it has been prepared with time and care in the kitchen. At one point a lady asked what our menu choices were as they looked so delicious, proving that presentation goes a long way.





To accompany my lunch I had a good, strong British cup of tea, served in vintage crockery. I was delighted to see the selection of cakes, organic and homemade varieties. For the children; a delightful menu of cookies and milk.

The café brings the park into the surroundings with wild flowers in milk bottles sitting on the tables. Various park events are posted around the café but the most charm comes from the local art from Tabitha Mary which depicts the park in its unique style hanging on the walls.

Those who cannot make lunch won’t be disappointed as The Pavilion holds evening functions like the showing of Midsummers night Dream in July and ParkLive, more information can be found at their website www.pavilion.attheparkbedford.co.uk/ and on FB Pavilion at the Park


Review by Gina Hutchings

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