Sign up to support Sharnbrook School re two tier system

Parents in the wide-ranging Sharnbrook Federation area are being asked to make sure they take part in a key consultation on its pending change to a two tier system.


Executive Principal Iain Denning said: “We know that parents want their children to be in ‘feeder’ schools towards Sharnbrook which is, by any measure, the most successful system on offer, and this will provide them with the surest route.

“Our plan is change to the new system in one fell-swoop in September 2017. Details of how this will work togetehr with the consultation are on our website

The benefits will include;

*A clear route towards GCSEs for which Sharnbrook achieved a 75% pass rate – the best state school results in the Borough by a huge margin

*Time for pupils to grow up and into their secondary school environment with old and new friends from feeder primaries

*Smaller year groups in the secondary system across the two sites but offering the same educational management expertise

*Extending our expertise into providing excellent learning environments down to reception age

Added Mr Denning: “We have a proven track record of providing the best possible education for our students and in order to maintain that calibre of schooling, we need parents to trust that we have the best interests of their children at heart.”


Parents of all North Beds children (pre school/lower/middle schools) should go before January 8th to complete the consultation.

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