Inspiring a future generation of engineers

A new initiative has been launched in Bedford Borough to encourage young people to consider a career in engineering.

The Bedford Engineering Skills Partnership (BESP) will help students get a better understanding of what engineering businesses do and make sure they develop the skills that these businesses really need.

There will be talks from Kimberley STEM College, Bedford Civil Engineering Society and the Royal Aeronautical Society over the next few months. BESP are also producing a range of interactive online resources and will stage an annual engineering fair.

Speaking at the launch, Rob Dean, Principal Engineer at Network Rail and Chair of the Bedford Engineering Skills Partnership said: “There is a national shortage of engineers so it is excellent that the Bedford Engineering Skills Partnership is looking to address this locally. Having businesses work closely with students allows the young people to be best equipped for the engineering profession and for businesses to be able to help grow the future workforce.”

Dave Hodgson, Mayor of Bedford Borough said: “Engineering has a historic and very important presence in Bedford Borough, and I’m delighted to see the commitment of local schools and employers that is already evident in support of this new initiative. The launch of the Bedford Engineering Skills Partnership is a very positive development, offering real links between young people and businesses and benefitting students and the local engineering sector alike.”

The Partnership has been developed from the successful Mark Rutherford Business Partnership, which recognised a need to ensure relationships are developed between business and students to help young people into the world of work. BESP is working with schools, businesses and organisations across the borough, facilitated by the Economic Development team at Bedford Borough Council.

Anyone interested in the Bedford Engineering Skills Partnership should contact the team on

Twitter @bedengskills or LinkedIn Bedford Engineering Skills Partnership

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