#RealMenTalk – Men and Mental Health

A not for profit organisation, First Step Forward, has been running a campaign to raise awareness of the high suicide rates associated with males between the ages of 20 and 49 in the UK


Their mission and purpose is to forward the message;

“It takes a stronger man to talk about his mental health, then simply ignoring it”

The idea was that of local businessman and Veteran, Nick Wilson, who is the owner of Working
Minds Matter a Mental Health Consultancy and the founder of First Step Forward, who ran

The videos began on Monday 10 September (World Suicide Awareness Day) running through to
Wednesday 10 October (World Mental Health Day).

Over this period of time Nick

• Released 24 videos over four weeks
• Reached over 100,000 people
• Saved two people who were suicidal (we’ve been told of)
• Changed the lives of several others (learned via messages received)
• Touched the hearts of thousands.

It is vital for people to voice the importance of men talking about mental health rather than being
embarrassed of it or ignoring it, even if they are those people who have no experience of mental ill
health or suicide. By lending their voice to the subject, maybe they will be the one who somebody out
there connects with, someone who is struggling and empowers/inspires them to do the right thing,
seek some support.


Nick served in the Army for fourteen years, where he was predominantly based locally
at Dalton Barracks, Abingdon with the Royal Logistic Corps and so has a very personal connection
with Bicester. Nick’s passion and drive comes from his own personal experiences of mental illness
and is currently, as he says, “on a journey of recovery” from complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
which is compounded by a debilitating spinal injury resulting in his managing chronic pain every day, alongside his symptoms from PTSD.

He released six videos per week through the use of social media, of every day ‘Real’ local men and
women of Bicester and surrounding areas, including: Town Mayor, Councillors, Businessmen and
Veterans. They talk of their own personal thoughts, opinions, challenges and experiences of mental health, mental illness including: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and Suicide.

To find our more or connect with Nick please visit www.workingmindsmatter.uk 

Twitter @workingmindz




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