New Nanny Agency Launches in Bedford

Babyworks UK is Bedfordshire’s newest Nanny Agency and the home of excellent childcare solutions. The agency launched this month as a result of an overwhelming demand of requests from parents to the founders Beverley Gazy and Tina Southwood. Between them the pair have over 50 years of Nanning experience and are experts in their respected professions of maternity nursing and night nursing.


The pair have been working non- stop and their long waiting lists were getting bigger and bigger, they have an unprecedented reputation in their fields and have gained all their clients from word of mouth recommendations from families that have benefited from their expert advice, support and child care skills.


Co Founder Beverley Gazy comments, “We were being inundated with requests for bookings a year down the line and so we didn’t have to let anyone down, we started pulling in our pool of qualified experienced nanny’s and decided it was now the right time to start up the agency.”


Co Founder Tina Southwood said,“There are so many ways parents can gain help and support from pregnancy and beyond, we can provide our clients with so many different solutions from Doulas to Night Nannies to Maternity Nurses, Emergency Care Nannies, Post Natal Depression Support, Mother’s Helps, Au Pairs, Holiday Nannies to Special Events Nannies. Whether it’s a short term or long term solution you require we can help”


Tina already runs Sleep Baby Sleep, a local maternity nurse and sleep consultancy service. She has become a household name amongst the many families she has served over the last 27 years. Her sleep consultancy has ensured hundreds of babies in the Bedford and surrounding counties have had a peaceful night sleep, which has meant the grateful parents have also been able to rest.


Tina’s vast experience includes overnight postnatal care, supporting mothers who breastfeed, or formula feed, babies who suffer from colic and reflux, sleep and feeding routine as well as being a specialist with twins, premature babies, and sleep training. She can quickly get an idea of what a families requirements are and find them the perfect candidate to help.

Co Founder Beverley Gazy also has a wealth of experience; she is a dedicated placenta remedies consultant who works in many fields of antenatal, birth, post natal and educational fields. It became noticeable that by the end of 2015 numerous celebrity voices were shouting about their placenta remedies and the beneficial effects on their postnatal period. Women were seeing these stories in the media and wanted to understand the benefits of consuming your placenta. This need, offering a choice, meant PlacentaUK was born.

As well as the agency their website is to become a hub for not only candidates looking for employment opportunities but also a directory where parents can source trusted baby and child care classes such as baby yoga to specialist services such as hypnobirthing and belly casting!

Beverley and Tina make a strong team, their dedication for families is second to none and they have over the years helped so many parents and children, with the launch of the agency they hope to support even more families in the future.

For further information about the agency please go to

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