National Oral Cancer Month 2016

Are you mouth aware?

November sees the annual campaign ‘Mouth Cancer Action Month’ which aims to raise awareness of mouth cancer and make a difference by saving thousands of lives through early detection and prevention.

By learning more about mouth cancer we can help to lower our risk, but we can also pass our knowledge on to those we love and care for too.


Did you know?

 Around 7 people lose their life to mouth cancer every day in the UK

Mouth cancer is twice as common in men than woman

45% of cases are diagnosed in those over 65

91% of all mouth cancers are linked to lifestyle factors

Experts predict that cases of mouth cancer will continue to rise in the coming years

80% don’t know the symptoms of mouth cancer

Over 2/3 of mouth cancer cases are detected at a late stage



Risk Factors

Smoking & Tobacco use        


2/3 of mouth cancer cases are linked to smoking tobacco

A morning cigarette doubles the chances of developing the disease

Second hand smoke significantly increases the risk for those who have never smoked

Smokeless tobacco use can increase the risk of developing mouth cancer by 15x






Wine collection - Red and white wine in glasses. Closeup. Isolated on white background

Drinking alcohol to excess is linked to around a third of all cases

 Those who smoke and drink to excess put themselves at risk by up to 30%




More than half of cases in the UK are linked to a poor diet

isolated colorful vegetable arrangement

isolated colorful vegetable arrangement



The human papillomavirus (HPV) is estimated to overtake smoking as the number one cause of mouth cancers in the future






What to look for


Although there are risk factors heavily linked to the disease, mouth cancer can affect anybody – that’s why it’s so important that we all know what to look out for.


  • Red and white patches in the mouth
  • Ulcers which do not heal after three weeks
  • Unusual lumps or swellings in the mouth or head and neck area


If in doubt, get checked out – Early detection could save your life

Take action!


One key method to reduce your risk is to keep to regular dental appointments.

If you do not have a dentist, call 111 to find your nearest clinic.

Quitting smoking can reduce your risk by a third.

Give the stop smoking team a call today to talk about giving up.



Bedfordshire 0800 013 0553

Luton 01582 757635



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