A fast-paced show packed full of colour, classic songs, and hi-energy dance routines!

Footloose in Milton Keynes – A fast-paced show packed full of colour, classic songs, and hi-energy dance routines.


Footloose The Musical is based on the 1980s hit film Footloose which made Kevin Bacon a star across the globe. Created by Dean Pitchford and based on the true story of a town in the American Bible Belt which had banned dancing, Footloose The Musical has been adapted for the stage by Dean Pitchford and Walter Bobbie.


The story centres around Ren McCormick (Luke Baker) who, along with his mother, is forced to move from Chicago to Bomont, a small mid-west backwater.


City boy Ren, struggling to deal with being abandoned by his father, finds it hard to fit into his new way of life. To make matters worse the town is run by Rev Shaw Moore who, after the death of four young people in a terrible car accident, has completely banned dancing from the town.


The story follows Ren as he befriends the fiery Ariel (Hannah Price), the Reverend’s daughter and how he, Ren, believes, as with all good rules, some are made to be broken!


Ren takes on the Reverend and the Town Council in a battle to overturn the law and bring dancing back to Bomont!

A fantastic show full of fun with revamped classic songs aplenty including Holding Out for a Hero, Almost Paradise, Let’s Hear it for the Boy and of course the smash hit title track Footloose.


The multi-talented cast really bring energy and humour to the performance.  But what made their performance even more outstanding is that not only are they acting, singing and dancing, everyone also plays instruments live on stage, sometimes on roller-skates! This adds a whole new dimension to the show and there is never a dull moment.


Gareth Gates is brilliant as Willard, Ren’s hilarious best friend, keeping true to this lovable character throughout. Plus he puts in a show-stopping dance routine with some great comic timing, amazing aviator sunglasses and little else!


Luke Baker is excellently cast as Ren with a great voice and all the right moves. Joanna Sawyer as Rusty is quirky and full of energy, an ideal match for Willard, and Hannah Price as Ariel proves that she can hit the notes to perfection.


The set seamlessly moves from church to restaurant, from garage to railway bridge and back again. The lighting is atmospheric, cleverly changing the mood in an instant.


The performance ended as only it could, with everyone on their feet dancing and cheering.

We loved it! A fantastic performance by a multi-talented cast means this is a must-see show. Be warned – your feet will be doing a lot of tapping and your hands a whole lot of clapping!


Runs  from Monday 18th – Saturday 22nd October

Book your tickets now at Milton Keynes Theatre Box Office

Call 0844 871 7652

Visit www.atgtickets.com/miltonkeynes  

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