Embankment Take-Over by Girlguiding Bedfordshire

Sunday 25th September saw Girlguiding Bedfordshire literally take-over the Embankment in Bedford.

Russell Park was home to the first ever Girlguiding, ‘Bringing Us to You’, day. Here the charity laid on a public event for both members and non-members alike.


There were a host of fun activities and sports to take part in and the event was supported by Just Turn Up, Beds Community Police, Bedfordshire Women’s Football, Royal Lancers Army Cadets to name but a few.

There was plenty to enjoy including Zorbing, Climbing, Archery, Go-Karting, Tennis, Golf, Team Building, Karate and much more.
Then, in a simultaneous event, the Embankment itself hosted the annual Brownie Bridge Walk. The Bridge Walk runs every year and girls are sponsored to complete a circuit of 7 laps around The Embankment’s 13 bridges. The event is one of Girlguiding Beds biggest fundraisers.


Ann Crome, County Commissioner for Bedfordshire,  said ‘ It has been a fantastic day in Bedford for Girlguiding. Our two events have been a huge success and we are delighted by the positive response we have received’.  Ann added, ‘It has taken a whole team of volunteers to make today run as smoothly as it has and it has been an amazing showcase for the charity’.
The two events attracted hundreds of visitors to both Bedford  Embankment and Russell Park.
Girlguiding is a fantastic way for girls to have their own space; it gives girls a voice and has changed girl’s lives.
Girlguiding is a charity and is looking for volunteers, so if you feel you could Get Involved they would love to hear from you – Please call 0800 169 5901 or visit www.bedsguiding.org.uk/get-involved

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