An Ear to Hear – new service for Anorexia Sufferers

A new peer support service has been set up for sufferers of Anorexia and other eating disorders. An Ear to Hear will help people to not feel alone and help signpost them to other support services.

Anorexia is a condition that most people are aware of and most will recognise the physical manifestation of the illness as the inevitable loss of weight. But Anorexia and other eating disorders are first and foremost serious mental illnesses and also an illness that has a shockingly high mortality rate with a disturbing percentage of sufferers never making a full recovery.

 Anorexia is multi-faceted, complex and relentless. It is misunderstood, stigmatised and

oversimplified with the belief that it’s all about the actual food or the desire for the perfect body that drives the disorder. But there are many things that can trigger these eating disorders and often, people are not on the radar until it is quite an apparent issue. The tendency with the disorder is to hide it which means sufferers aren’t getting help until it has quite a grip.

 So how to move forward and change this? How can early intervention be encouraged, early dialogue amongst peers promoted and and how can people be offered the strength to fight for treatment, as soon as they recognise the early signs and want to talk to someone?


‘Aneartohear’ is a new support peer service, set up by Hannah Brown, who knows firsthand how horrendous the illness is. The aim being to help others in the same position to not face the struggles alone and encourage and support them to finding the right help at the right time.

 The service has been established to encourage others who are scared, feeling alone or confused to get in touch. Peer support is one of the most important sources of comfort.

 An ear to hear has a sole purpose to comfort and reassure sufferers that the unknown is safe, that recovery holds value and is worth it and that it’s hard but can offer a new lease of life. There is no judgement, advice or counselling – just a friendly, understanding ear to listen and hear at a crucial time. Any time.

 As a peer support service, this is just the beginning of expanding the services on offer.

“Welcome Hear’ is a second branch to the campaign that local businesses are encouraged to get involved in. This exciting and new venture is a statement that businesses can make and be recognised as a place that welcomes people with any mental illness without judgement, but with understanding, empathy and acceptance.


There is no financial obligation, just the promise to welcome anybody and everyone and understand that it can be a struggle to find a new independence and identity post illness.


If you need or know someone who would benefit from an ear to hear, please get in touch. All calls and information are confidential.


If you would like to commit your business to WelcomeHear we would love to hear from you.


Everyone deserves to be heard.


More information on our website


Twitter @aneartohearhlb


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