These boots were made for walking! Setting the pace for the Teva Arrowood Mid women’s walking shoes

So I was really excited to review the Teva Arrowood Mid Women’s walking shoes. Being out every day in all weathers, my feet being comfortable and warm are just as important as my dog’s actual walk!


The first thing I noticed was that they are well made and very well-fitting. So much so that I didn’t wear my orthotics as I do with every other shoe as they made them too tight so I was interested to see how my gait felt without them. I never wear a shoe without mine (except an occasional high heel!)

Suffice to say, I was surprised to notice that I didn’t feel like I was missing my orthotics. In a good way! Feeling more like a trainer than a boot too, the shoes were super snug and ultra-comfortable and kept my feet warm through our twice-a-day walk in the recent bitter cold weather.

I really like the style too – although if you needed more ankle support you may need to opt for more of a boot style. For me, that wasn’t a problem though, they gave me plenty of support.


My feet felt stable in them and they encouraged me to walk ‘properly’ and effectively – ball, mid, toe. They made the walk really enjoyable and they are super light too. I didn’t want to take them off!

The tread isn’t the deepest so for walking with any slight hill or wet, icy weather conditions, I would think a slightly deeper tread would be better for grip, but these shoes can still tolerate different surfaces well.

So to summarise, these shoes are great for all seasons; a cross between a trainer and a hiking boot – a definite thumbs up from me and I would recommend them for mid-level walking terrain and long distance.

  • Supportive, comfortable and lightweight
  • A very good fit
  • Fashionable, stylish trainer style with strong laces
  • Allows feet to breathe but also stay warm
  • Hardwearing and good value for money

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Reviewed by Teresa Brooks, Editor, BedsLife Magazine

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