BedPop Repair Shop comes to the Higgins Bedford

Got something that’s broken, that you think could be repaired if only you knew how? Do you hate the thought of throwing things away simply because you don’t have the know-how or necessary tools? Then help is at hand!


The BedPop Repair Shop will be open for business at the Higgins Bedford on Saturday 19th November from 11am – 5pm to give a new lease of life to your broken belongings.


Bring your broken toasters, frayed jeans or wonky bikes and the BedPop team of experts and handy dandies will do their best to make them better.  Everything is free, but donations are welcome.


“Repair cafes are a concept that has been around for a while,” said local resident and Green candidate, Lucy Bywater.  “I wrote a newspaper piece about them recently which was picked up by other Bedfordians who realized they could make one happen here.”  Daniel Churchill is one of the organisers and will also be on hand to help with repairs.   He said, “We want to draw attention to today’s throwaway culture by demonstrating that, with a bit of know-how and the right tools, most things are fixable. We’ll have electricians and seamstresses, engineers and techies plus the guys from Flamme Rouge will be on hand to give bikes the once over.”


Also taking part is textile artist, Helen Jones. As well as offering button replacement and fabric repairs, Helen will also be collecting garments for her latest piece of work, based on fast fashion.  “I’m asking people to donate an unwanted garment and complete a questionnaire about why they’re getting rid of it and what it means to them,” explained Helen.  “I will use the garments to make a patchwork sculpture that I will display next year.”


The BedPop Repair Shop is sponsored by the legendary Goldings of Bedford. Goldings, who celebrate their 150th anniversary in 2017, will have a pop up shop at the Higgins as part of the collaboration, plus will be on hand to offer product advice.


BedPop Repair Shop,

Barbican Room, The Higgins Bedford,

2 Castle Lane, Bedford, MK40 3XD

Saturday 19th November, 11am – 5pm


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