Ali won’t lose her head at the Tower of London!

Local Businesswoman Ali Moore is off to the Tower of London – but unlike some who’ve been before her she’ll definitely be keeping her head.

The confidence coach from Kempston will be appearing at a special Feminist Fete at the famous Tower in May to mark 100 years since women were given the right to vote.

Throughout the day Ali will be running her ‘Find Your Roar’ workshops, giving women inspirational tips on how to be more confident. The 45-minute sessions will look at the modern-day challenges faced by women and how they can break free from what’s holding them back.


‘I’m so proud to have been invited to be a lead speaker at this event,’ says Ali, who lives in Kempston with her husband and three children. ‘I’ll be talking about a famous suffragette called Leonora Cohen, who smashed a glass case containing the insignia of the Order of Merit at the Tower, and sharing lots of brilliant tips and tools for boosting confidence. I’m really excited – I want everyone there to find their Inner Roar!’


The Feminist Fete is on May 13th and also includes crafts and stalls, price £10.


To find out more about Ali’s Find Your Roar workshops,

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